Website Design & Hosting for Small Businesses

X(US) Hosting has solutions for the budding entrepreneur in need of a greater online presence.

website design and hosting for small businesses

Website Development

Our team works with you to create a website that you love! We’ll build your website to generate more leads while keeping it functional and appealing.


Tell us about your style and branding, and we’ll customize your site to fit your aesthetic and products or services.


We’ll set your website up for success at launch using SEO best practices to help convert searchers to clients and customers.

Website Hosting

Host your website on our servers, cutting out the corporate middleman, and focusing on the local business you’re building.

Local Hosting

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you’ll be working with a local team that can meet your needs as a business owner.


Our team will manage all server issues and updates giving you peace of mind to grow your business.

Additional Web Services

In addition to website design & hosting for small businesses, the X(US) team also offers many other branding, content, and marketing services a la carte to help grow your small business.

xus web development


Our writing team can help you create a content schedule for posting articles, or write articles for your site on a continuous basis.

xus ecommerce


Need to sell your products or services online? We can set your site up so clients and customers can purchase directly from you.

xus hosting website management


Our team will continue to monitor your site and make sure its updated, contact forms are working, and your site is in good health.

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What Your Website Says About Your Business

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