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Website Design

Our team works with you to create a website that you love! We’ll build your website to generate more leads while keeping it functional and appealing.


After a consultation on your design style, we’ll begin customizing your site to fit your company’s personality.


Get ahead of your competitors online and convert searchers to clients with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

Website Hosting

Host your website on our servers, cutting out the corporate middleman, and focusing on the local business you’re building.

Local Hosting

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you’ll be working with a local team that can meet your needs as a business owner.


Our team will manage all server issues and updates giving you peace of mind to grow your business.

Website Management

Once your website is built, we’ll continue to make updates, run tests, and ensure every page, form, and button is functional, giving you the time to focus on winning bids and completing projects.


Our team will continue to test forms, buttons, and pages to make sure everything is operational.


We’ll set your site up safely with a secure SSL and analytics reports to check for issues, giving you the peace of mind.

Let’s Have a Conversation

To receive your 15% discount on web design services, let’s have a conversation about your website needs and how X(US) Hosting can help you build your online presence while you build our cities.

This consultation is free to Builders Exchange of Michigan Members!

Learn how to grow your small business online.


Every new website starts with a conversation. Let’s explore your web design and hosting options – together.

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