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Construction Allies in Action

Construction Allies in Action is a local nonprofit in Grand Rapids, Michigan that aims to create generational wealth and opportunity for underrepresented construction contractors. Through its free Strong Foundations Program, contractors gain practical knowledge and access to resources that help them build and sustain their business.


Company Name: Construction Allies in Action
Date: February 2021
Website: https://constructionallies.org

The client used X(US) Hosting for their web design, development, and hosting needs after their previous host was not providing the necessary resources for their site. The X(US) team now manages their site, including a vast DBE/MBE/WBE directory.

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Website Highlights

This site serves as an informational page, drawing underrepresented contractors to the free Strong Foundations Program. The site also encourages construction project owners to become Allies.

Interested parties can find contractors’ contact information using the large directory of Michigan DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise), MBE (Minority Business Enterprise), and WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) contractors.

When designing the website, the X(US) Hosting team used plenty of white space with highlights from the client’s logo to make it readable. The site is built to be effective in bringing in more contractors for the program and encouraging additional Allies and Partners to get involved.

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