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DEI Verify

DEI Verify is a data reporting organization that uses data for good. The company tracks the growth of companies in Michigan and helps other organizations understand this data for the betterment of the community.


Company Name: DEI Verify
Date: August 2022
Website: https://deiverify.com/

DEI Verify needed a landing page to share the services they provide, explain what they do, and integrate contact forms for data collection.

dei verify project website development grand rapids michigan

Website Highlights

The DEI-V site is clean, simple, and minimal with blues and greens throughout to foster trust and signify that the organization is focused on data reporting.

The organization needed contact forms for companies to submit their data, organizations to request data, and individuals and companies to reach out and ask questions.

A frequently asked questions section at the bottom of the page shares answers to what clients and individuals typically inquire about.

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