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One Peace Festival

One Peace Festival is a single-day all-ages Hip Hop + health and wellness event. The Festival’s purpose is to bring the community together to promote unity in this time of division. Hosted at Campau Park, community members can experience a shared cultural experience.


Company Name: One Peace Festival
Date: June 2021
Website: https://onepeacefest.org/

One Peace is a new organization and did not previously have a website or domain. This project inspired the team to immerse themselves in hip-hop culture and imagery.

One Peace Festival

Website Highlights

The organization’s new page serves as a landing page for their event, which took place at Campau Park in August 2021, hosted in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This event will be annual, and dates for next year will be available on the website as they are scheduled.

The high-quality images, bold graphics, and bright colors give a graffiti feel to this modern and cool website design.

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