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Paloma Maldonado Glamour

PM Glamour’s new site makes it easy for customers to purchase Paloma M hair care products and book salon appointments!


Company Name: Paloma Maldonado Glamour / PM Glamour / Pure Vanity Salon
Date: January 2023
Website: https://palomamaldonado.com/

Paloma Maldonado needed an updated site that allowed customers to purchase their salon-quality haircare products easily.

paloma maldonado glamour full website page image

Website Highlights

The PM Glamour website features favorite products from the Paloma M line, with sections to include future lines, like hair extensions, and the highly anticipated Rubia collection. 

The Shop page uses a simple filtering system that scrolls with the user to easily find hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, and styling creams. 

Multiple links across the site lead to the Pure Vanity Salon appointment booking page, where potential and returning customers can book an appointment with Paloma at her salon in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

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