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Picardo Colours LLC

Picardo Colours LLC, a Grand Rapids-based Caribbean artist, creates mixed media, contemporary art, custom murals, and workshops for artists. Picardo believes that art is about storytelling and passing on culture across generations.


Company Name: Picardo Colours LLC
Date: July 2021

Picardo Colours had an existing website that no longer served them as a way to market their art to clients. The new site combines Picardo’s bold and bright signature colors with a sense of minimalism to showcase the artwork.

Picardo Colours LLC Final Design Laptop Screenshot

Website Highlights

The new site serves as an online shop for Picardo to sell artwork to high-end and commercial clients, provide workshops for artists, and showcase his existing work.

X(US) Hosting used photos of Picardo’s work, brushstroke elements, and minimalistic text to highlight his portfolio and draw traffic to his online shop. This site utilized many moving elements to give an aura of living, breathing artwork.

An additional Workshops page was created to showcase the many different types of workshops Picardo hosts for new and seasoned artists, first responders, corporate teams, and members of the community.

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