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Uniquely Made Kreations

Uniquely Made Kreations is a Grand Rapids-based retailer with a variety of products, including custom t-shirt designs, gifts, and more for the stylish creatives in your family. 

With over a hundred products and thousands of variations, customers can find anything that suits their style within this eCommerce shop.


Company Name: Uniquely Made Kreations
Date: October 2021
Website: https://uniquelymadekreations.com

The client chose X(US) Hosting as their design, development, and hosting partner while in the midst of launching both their physical location and their online presence. The team worked diligently to upload a multitude of products and optimized the shop to bring in new customers.

Uniquely Made Kreations

Website Highlights

This site serves as an online shop for the business, which also has a physical location in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The site features bright, bold colors, fun fonts, and professional images from the shop.

The team also added a ‘lucky wheel’ to give customers coupon codes and deals as they visit the shop for the first time.

Uniquely Made Kreations also provides party planning services, which are listed in the shop and available for purchase.

This site is the largest eCommerce site the X(US) Hosting team has created thus far, and it was an absolute joy to work with the client!

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