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Whether your business needs web hosting, web design, content writing, SEO services, or all of the above, the X(US) Hosting team has solutions for budding entrepreneurs.

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Features Included in all Pricing Packages

While some of our services are a la carte, we have certain standards included in every package. Whether you choose an eCommerce or a Non-eCommerce site for your business, these services are considered best-practices for our team.


Different audiences view data in different ways – which is why it’s important that your website be responsive to desktop, tablet, and mobile viewing.


Love a theme option, but want a few tweaks? No problem! Our team can customize your website to make sure it fits your business and your brand messaging.


Managing and updating your website regularly is included in all pricing packages. We’ll manage your site health, ensure your contact forms work, and update code as necessary.

Clean Code

Our team doesn’t use anything that isn’t absolutely necessary, which keeps your website code clean and your pages fast.


A key to branding and marketing is content. Whether that’s your products, website verbiage, or blog posts, we’ll help create these.


As part of your design package, we’ll optimize your website to be found on search engines using SEO best practices.

Pricing Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what we hear our clients ask most often. Have another question? Contact us!

Will I have access to my site?

Yes, but only if you want! Some clients prefer to let us handle all updates, others like to take a more hands-on approach. We’ll help you decide what works best for you.

How do I understand SEO and Analytics Reports?

SEO can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re looking for. You tell us what you want to do with your site and we’ll provide reports showing real data and explain what’s working and what isn’t – and help you figure out how to make it better.

Do I have to have content on my site to make it stand out?

No, but we’d definitely recommend it!

What does website development mean?

Website development refers to the technical side of a website that helps it function. This service includes:

  • Creating menus that link to the correct pages
  • Editing and adjusting CSS code to ensure functionality
  • Downloading and editing plugins to improve website user quality

Website development is an often overlooked but very important aspect of building a website. Proper links, menus, and code are not always noticed by the end user if they’re right, but they will certainly notice if they’re wrong.

What does website optimization mean?

Website optimization refers to editing a web page (or pages) to be found easily on search engines, load quickly, and create an optimal user experience. This service includes:

  • Adding url slug, meta description, SEO titles, permalink edits, and relevant titles to every page
  • Adding relevant keywords to every page
  • Adding external and internal links to every page
  • Adding alt text to images

Website optimization is a standard for X(US) Hosting. We believe that building a website should include optimizing it to the best of our ability for every site we create.

What does website hosting mean?

When a hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a website to store its files, they are hosting a website. Web hosting makes the files that comprise a website (code, images, etc.) available for viewing online. The main types of hosting are shared, dedicated, VPS and reseller. With X(US) Hosting, this means that we host (or store) your website’s files on our servers. We manage these files by making sure they are secure from spam and cyberattacks, your website is functioning and operational, and ensuring that your domain is pointing to your website to direct visitors where they need to go online to find your products and services.

What does website design mean?

Website design refers to all graphic and visual elements on a website. Website design services include: 

  • Installing necessary plugins for both functionality and aesthetic
  • Creating, uploading, and inputting graphics, images, products, and logos
  • Writing, editing, and creating verbiage used on the website
  • Setting up pages
  • Editing menus, headers, footers, and logo placement
  • Adjusting sizing, spacing, and settings of images, text boxes, and all other elements
  • Creating contact forms based on specific client’s needs
  • Ensuring website logo and branding is consistent throughout the header, footer, and tab navigation

For X(US) Hosting, this means creating a site that suits your business’s needs and represents your business well! Great design can help gain and retain customers and create a fantastic user experience.

What does managed updates mean?

While not all of these tasks need to be completed each month, this totals about 12 hours per year. By investing in managed services, you won’t have to worry about how many hours we are spending on your website making sure everything is running smoothly. We take care of this for you. Here’s a list of updates we check for:

  • Verify all links (internal and external) are working correctly
  • Verify all images load correctly
  • Verify all images and text load in mobile, desktop, and tablet view
  • Set up redirect links if necessary
  • Update plugins
  • Update theme
  • Update WordPress
  • Update PHP with hosting provider (if applicable)
  • Test page speed
  • Test site across Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge
  • Check Site Health and address any issues
  • Ensure no pages display 404 error
  • Test all contact forms to ensure they are sending properly
  • Check Google Search Console for issues
  • Check Google Analytics for issues
  • Review Google Analytics data and look for opportunities to optimize further
  • Ensure SSL is current
  • Remove any spam forms, unnecessary comments, unpublished draft posts, or anything else slowing the site down
  • Ensure copyright information is current