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What Does My Web Designer Need From Me?

by | May 10, 2022

The majority of people nowadays discover new businesses online. Having a website makes you more visible to the world and appear more legitimate than a hobbyist or part-time business. And if you are trying to sell products, having your own website feels like you are selling from your own store. Being another vendor on a large site like Etsy or eBay where they take a cut of your profits and you are subject to the policies and decisions they make for their platforms.
“But isn’t making a website really hard? I have no idea what a good website should look like? What would I even tell the website designer?”
Getting the ball rolling and talking to a web designer is easier than you might think! Here are 7 easy things that you can provide for web designers like us that will help you get a website that fits your brand and your business.

A Great Logo

Logos are the visual summation of your branding; letting people know at a glance who your company is. A good logo should communicate what industry or service your company engages in, as well as differentiate you from your competitors. For our purposes, the logo gives us an element of your brand to develop the overall style of the website.
If you are a business that’s just starting out and you don’t have a logo yet, or maybe you have been around for a while and your old logo is getting a bit stale, X(US) Hosting does offer logo design services.

Brand Colors

Websites are a visual medium and the colors establish the feeling and atmosphere of your site. Knowing the HEX codes (for example, our X(US) Hosting blue is #2EA3F2) allows us to match your brand colors perfectly without having to guess.
If you have colors in mind but need help determining a HEX code, there are color picker sites on the web that you can use for free!

Your Company Story

What is the history of your company or how did the founder come to create it? A short biography can be used to create the About Us. About Us pages are important for showing there is a real person behind your company.
For help getting started with your About Us page, check out our comprehensive guide on About Us pages.

Preferred (or Current) Domain Name

Domain names and domain-based email addresses can be transferred to the new web host during the web redesign. Transferring domains takes time and you cannot transfer a domain for 60 days after purchasing or transferring.
If you have recently purchased your domain we can still begin with website building, but we’ll need access to the current host to edit DNS records.
When choosing a domain name keep it short and simple to communicate what your business is about. Domain names should also match your website’s name. This is so common people usually assume the website name is also the domain name and when they are different from each other it leads to confusion.

Your Services and Products

A detailed list and description of exactly what services/products your company offers can help a web design team start off on the right foot. Not only does this ensure all the information on your web pages is accurate but helps us perform effective keyword research to get the best SEO results we can for you.


Photos often serve as the meat of a given web page, and the design of a page can hinge on the images we have to work with. This is why high-quality photos are so important. If you are selling products, make sure you have at least one photo for every one of your products. If you’re a service company, provide pictures of your work. Pictures of your company and employees are great for displaying on a homepage or About Us page.

Target Audience

At the end of the day, websites are about marketing your company; what kind of audience attention are you trying to capture? Serving everyone serves no one and finding the right niche is key. Knowing your clients helps you understand what type of image you want to portray of yourself and your business. Understanding your ideal client helps us craft the verbiage on your site. Your audience also gives us an idea of the style you are going for; playful & fun, clean & minimalistic, bold & powerful, stylish, high-tech, or something else?
You don’t have to be an expert in web design to create a website, that’s what we are here for. With this basic information, we can help you by making the site you want. When you’re ready to take that next step, let us know and start a conversation.
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